Brandt Sleeper

President at Rising Eagle Productions

“Nina Beall is a gifted artist and teacher. I have admired her work for many years and see in it a depth of artistry that reflects a talent that is rare. Her art is textural, dimensional and vividly explosive; offering an experience that is quite unique. She has mastered a truly innovative method of painting that takes images on the canvas to a new and very different representational level. I find her art fascinating and absorbing.In addition, her ability to teach the craft is truly remarkable. Many artists can work within their medium but few can explain how they approach art. Through the combination of pure talent and educational achievement Nina has a proven ability to do both. Ms. Beall is a tremendous asset to the academic community for students and faculty alike, and an artist among artists.”

Steven Joyce

Independent Consultant

“I studied acrylic painting with Nina for over a year and a half in the mid-1990s. This was my first exposure to painting and Nina guided me (and the rest of her students) through the various techniques. She was especially great at teaching color theory. One of the things that struck me most about her teaching is that, through it all, she avoided pat “cookbook” methods. Thus, due to her help, everyone improved their work – which varied widely in approach – tremendously. Further, with a varied range of student backgrounds, personalities and temperaments; Nina was able to handle every situation with poise. Most of all, her contagious positive and enthusiastic outlook on art has stayed with me through the years.”

Shane Robinson

Illustrator, web/graphic designer at Favored Image

“I only need to recommend you take a look at Nina Beall’s works of art, they truly speak volumes about her talent as an Artist. I am honored to have known Nina and worked with her; I gained so much just by learning to see with an artist’s eye, which she clearly has. I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future.”

Darlene Wiley

Professor at University of Texas at Austin

“Nina is a superlative artist whose creative instincts go well beyond the norm. As a proud owner of 2 of her larger paintings, we enjoy her work daily and realize that her vision is revolutionary. Our interactions with her have been enjoyable as well.”

Ann Kilby

Account Executive

“Working with Nina Beall is a joy! She listens well to a client or student and brings creativity and a great sense of humor to the process of making good art. I think her work is very distinctive.”

Jeff Gammage

Staff Writer at Philadelphia Inquirer

“Great artist — particularly like the unusual, thought-provoking landscapes.”