Your Instructor – Nina Beall, working Artist


Hi, and welcome to my Studio Art Classes!

Have you always wanted to learn to paint or draw, and develop that creativity that you just KNOW you’ve got?

This is the place for you to do so, with expert instruction and feedback! I approach each student with an open attitude towards individuality and creativity. These classes promise to be fun and I always try to address each student’s unique set of expectations with what they hope to learn in my workshops, working with all levels of experience!

“The Studio” is a bit of a conglomeration of various architectural styles. Arts and Crafts Movement, Greek Revival, German Shed, and Barn styles, with an eye towards using mixed materials make up the place that is now called Home. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to share my work and skills with my students. And ‘look forward to having you in my class!

Who I am

Hi, I’m Nina Beall.

Born in a small town in East Texas, I grew up enjoying the bounty of nature and the sensibilities of farm life, with its many facets, struggles, beauty and incongruities.

I studied Art and Art History, painting and drawing at UT, Austin, and completed my MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Going on to show my work in many Museum, Private, and Corporate Collections, I received the Honor of a National Endowment for the Arts Grant for my painting, as well as many NEA Chairman’s Grants for my designs and implementation of Programs for teaching Art History in over 200 public schools in the Chicago and surrounding areas.

I, have been painting, showing my work, and growing my reputation as an artist for many years.

The Studio

I now live in the hills of old farmland property on 1.3 acres of lovely grounds, near the Colorado River where I design and built my home and studio. “The Studio” is located in the hills of Westlake, Austin, TX. It is an architecturally unique upscale environment, with picturesque grounds to explore. Students may choose to paint or draw outdoors, along the spring-fed creek, around the pool, resting comfortably along the sprawling porches, in the shade of large trees, along the creek or Colorado River. Or in the winter, there’s an outdoor fireplace to warm by!

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